2005 Letter from the Editors

Delta Winds cover 2005Delta Winds: A Magazine of Student Essays
A Publication of San Joaquin Delta College


Letter from the Editors

Viewed by many instructors as a valuable reading resource, Delta Winds has been used in a range of courses: English 70, English 73, English 79, English 1A, English 1B, English 1D, Reading 92, and high school ESL courses in Marysville, California. The reading level of the magazine -- matched with the content -- appeals to readers of many backgrounds. To motivate the reader, the reading content should be both challenging and interesting. In this year's volume of Delta Winds, the authors have chosen to write in various forms: research-based papers, poetry explication, and rhetorical styles, such as the narrative. Regardless of the structure of the work, the authors, in general, express their views on set beliefs and stereotypes that cause misunderstandings and anxiety. Questioning traditional thoughts on death, gender roles, disabilities, and physical appearance, students voice their opinions and share their experiences. In this volume of Delta Winds, aspiring writers once again step forward to put their work out for readers of all levels.