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About the Authors

These biographical statements were written for publication in 2004.

Cassandra J. Eastham is a California native but calls a military base her "home town." She spent a tour of duty during, but not in, the Gulf War, and eight years afterward discovering that she didn't like working in electronics. Now she is pursuing a college education and a chance to write professionally, a chance that she never had before. She lives in Manteca with her two sons.

Karrie L. Bennettis a single mother of Courtney, 22, Stephen, 19, and Cheyanna, 12. Her major is psychology with a pre-law minor. She will be receiving her A. A. in May 2004 and will transfer to UOP in the fall. After completing her bachelor's degree, Kerrie plans to attend law school in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her career goal is to become a criminal defense attorney.

Katie Williamsis 27 years old. She has four kids and attends Delta College to get her nursing degree. She works at San Joaquin General Hospital as a medical assistant.

"Albert Einstein is credited to have once said, 'only a life in the service of others is worth living,' and I too, have adopted this mindset as my own," says George Austin. With plans of a double major in sociology and psychology, and a goal of an eventual Ph.D. in sociology, George Austin plans to use the knowledge and experience gained to serve his immediate community as well as the larger. Essentially, during and after his life he wants the world to have benefited from his existence. The inspiration of this piece comes from two semesters of African-American History, one semester of Intercultural Communication, one semester of Sociology, several books, prose, and magazines read at his leisure, and "a lifetime (19 years) of experience as an African-American male."

Monica Wunderlichhas attended Delta College since 1998. Since this essay she has moved to San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district to continue on with her college career (and she even bought herself a computer!).

Loring Scotty Hoagis a strange character. He claims to be from Stockton, but most refuse to believe he was even born on this planet. He enjoys coffee and video games in excessive amounts and becomes highly volatile when others attempt to interfere with his all-nighter java-gaming binges. If you wish to interact with this individual, remember that he refuses to make social interaction with anyone not bearing gifts containing high amounts of caffeine.

"All jokes aside, I'm a nineteen-year-old, long-haired, full time Delta College student who has a hard time taking life seriously. I like playing video games, sketching, writing, drinking highly-caffeinated beverages, studying Asian cultures, taking long walks on the beach, and meeting people with an offbeat sense of humor. Capricorn. Single. Sexy. Call me." --Loring Scotty Hoag

Lorrie Condonis a single mother of three children. She completed the Vocational Nursing Program at Delta, and now has returned to finish her A.A. degree. She is hoping to enter the ADN program in the fall. Her children are grown, one is married, one is a sophomore at San Diego State University, and the last one is a freshmen in high school. Lorrie has one grandchild. Going back to school has been a challenge, but she is determined to finish and accomplish her goal.

Bryan Tortolaniis a happily married 36-year-old cancer survivor. Bryan's unique life experiences have taught him that education leads to empowerment. Despite entering Delta College with little more than an eighth-grade education, a GED, and a powerful motivation to succeed, Bryan will graduate in the spring and transfer to Stanislaus State in the fall. Bryan ultimately plans to earn a doctorate in history. His career goals include teaching history at the college level and freelance writing.

Daniel Maychenwas born in Stockton, California, on January 19, 1984. He is currently in his first year at Delta College and plans to major in sociology and/or music industry at Northridge State. He loves music and enjoys playing basketball in his free time. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends.

From the cornfields of central Iowa to the streets of Stockton, 16-year old Samuel S. Berbano is no stranger to schooling. Berbano, a Gilbert High School senior, spent the Fall 2003 semester in Stockton at San Joaquin Delta College. He has received recognition from Phi Theta Kappa, National Honor Society, the Congressional Youth Leadership Council, and Who' Who Among College Students. Samuel currently resides with his father Orville, mother Leah, and younger brother Seth in Iowa. He plans to attend Iowa State University in the fall and major in Journalism and Political Science. This is his second published work.

Angela Quinonesgrew up in Linden but moved to Pennsylvania in 1998 when her mother passed away. She was not happy there, so in December of 2003 she moved in with her grandparents here in Stockton. She is attending Delta and plans to transfer to Stanislaus to get her teaching credentials.

Alisha Ottis pursuing a degree in accounting. She plans to start her own business after she graduates. When she is not at school, she is working at home or at home studying. She also volunteers for VITA, which is a program offered by the IRS for free low-income tax preparation. Her hobbies are photography and reading. She also enjoys spending time with her family and her animals, as she is an animal lover.