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About the Authors

These biographical statements were written for publication in 2000.

Leticia Aguilaris working on her general education. She enjoys spending time with her family and studying. She lives in Manteca and is attending Delta College. She plans to eventually transfer to a university, but she's not sure which one. Her goal is to become a bilingual teacher.

Matthew Alldredgeis a Computer Science major at Delta College. The Fall Semester of 1999 was his first semester at Delta, and he plans to transfer to UC Davis after earning his Associate's Degree. His hobbies include drawing, writing, and composing. He currently lives in Manteca.

Sandra Amaralis married, and the mother of three children. She has been attending Delta College since fall of 1999, and is working on completing general education requirements. She enjoys reading, walking, movies, baseball, and computers. Her goal is undecided, but she is leaning toward a career in computers.

A native of California, John Azzaro is a twenty-six-year-old father of two wonderful children. He has attended Delta College for the last two years and is presently attempting to transfer into a four-year college.

Thirteen years old, Tara Burrows is completing her first semester at Delta College where she continues to explore her education as a path to her open-minded, undecided life. She will attend Delta for one more semester, allowing her the freedom and time to study her interests before entering high school. A true lover, close friend, dedicated musician, spirited athlete and a determined student, Tara lives life as an unpredictable adventure. As Plato once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."

Cheryl Evanshas been teaching dental assisting and dental radiography at Lodi Career Center ROC/P for the past six years. Prior to this, she practiced as a Registered Dental Assistant for twenty-one years with several area dentists. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for dentistry with her students and helping them to succeed in their career choice. Ms. Evans is attending Delta College for professional growth.

Jamie Leeis a mother of James, eleven months. This is her first semester at Delta and she plans to be an elementary school teacher. She plans to transfer in two years to CSU Stanislaus. She enjoys singing, reading and attending church.

Paul Mayrhoferhas been studying Print Technologies over the past three years at Delta College. He enjoys digital arts, writing, reading, New Age studies, backpacking, music and sleep. His goal is to support his wife and family of four stepdaughters working the print and graphic production industry.

Julia Newtonworks full time at a local hospital and attends evening classes at Delta College. Her plans are to be a teacher and possibly also a writer. In her spare time she enjoys reading and spending time with her three year old daughter.

Wanting to influence our younger generation for the better, Dung Nguyen believes being an elementary school teacher will be a rewarding career. She plans to obtain a B.A. in Education at UOP after completing her next year at San Joaquin Delta College. She will then likely pursue a teaching credential and look for a position in a local school. In an attempt to better understand the plight of those who are different and disadvantaged, she volunteered at Ark- Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center and Nor-Cal Center on Deafness. At the Recovery Center, she met many people who were young and bright, with great potential, but unfortunately had made some poor decisions about how to lead their lives. Drugs can easily destroy the best mind, and she saw people who had been reduced to a feeble existence of dependence. At the Center of Deafness, where she is currently volunteering, she has been introduced to the silent world of the deaf, where gestures and expressions mean so much, and she has seen the almost unfathomable difficulties that must be faced daily by these ordinary people. Speaking on the telephone, taking classes, and making friends all take on new meanings.

Laura Pattersonis a first year student at Delta College. She enjoys theater, especially improvisation and comedy. She hopes to join an improvisational comedy troupe and perform all around California.

Nancy Rauschis currently working on her degree in education. She is the mother of two children, Amanda, age 13 and Alex, age 9. She enjoys the beach, children, reading and creative writing. Her goal is to become the kindergarten teacher that children will always remember.

Velma Younghas been married twenty-eight years, has two adult daughters, and loves to spend time reading, singing, and using the computer. As a re-entry student, she is having fun learning new ideas, expanding old ones, and writing short stories.

Bernardo Zavalzais 23 years old and is currently taking English 1A at Delta College, his first and only college course to date. He plans to attend school full time in Sept. 2000 and become a Mechanical Engineer. Snowboarding, hunting, and fishing is how he spends any free time he gets.