Programs and Services

The ASDC provides the following programs and services for students:

Distribution of Mustang Passes

The Mustang Pass is the official Delta College student identification card. Students that pay the $10.00 Student Activity fee are eligible to receive a Mustang Pass and associated benefits. Learn More

ASDC Food Pantry

Through the food pantry, the ASDC provides free meals, groceries, and holiday dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The ASDC also conducts an annual food drive during the fall semester. Learn More

College Hour Events

College hours are typically held in the quad and include food, entertainment, games and giveaways. Each college hour is designed to promote community, build school spirit and provide a way for the ASDC to engage with students.

Assistance with the Grievance and Complaint Process

ASDC officers are available to help students understand the grievance and complaint process and accompany students to a grievance and disciplinary hearings for moral support. Please note: Officers are not able to speak on behalf of a student at a hearing or meeting regarding a grievance, complaint or discipline issue.

Special Events

Throughout the semester the ASDC coordinates and/or co-sponsors special events such as outreach tables, free food for finals week, plays, concerts, comedy shows, guest speakers, etc. The ASDC host a limited number of events at the Mountain House campus.

Mustang Nights

Mustang Nights are typically two-hour long events, designed to target evening students and/or special student populationsBlood Drives

The ASDC works with the Delta Blood Bank to host multiple blood drives at the Stockton campus throughout the academic year.


During the spring semester, the ASDC provides a limited number of scholarships for transferring and continuing students to be used toward tuition, fees or books for the following academic year. Learn More

L.E.A.D (Learn Explore Advocate Discuss)

L.E.A.D is a leadership development program for student representatives serving on shared governance committees. Learn More