History of Cultural Awareness Program

The Cultural Awareness Program began at Delta College after a faculty flex program called “Cultural Consciousness: What is it and how do we know?” hosted in August 1999. Organizers, including June Gillam, and participants continued to meet to discuss cultural consciousness and organize around making changes on campus. By September the group had officially become the Cultural Awareness Programs Subcommittee (CAP) of the Delta College Diversity Committee. Programing began in Spring 2000 and included seven different events, with funding provided by the president. The Delta College Board then declared 2000 the “Year of Diversity at Delta.” 

  • Vickie Marie, Communication Skills
  • John Britto, Family, Consumer, and Health Sciences
  • Pedro Ramirez, English 
  • Rosalind Gottfried, Sociology 
  • June Gillam, Communication Skills

Over the years the Cultural Awareness Committee has sponsored or organized many outstanding events on campus, often with the help of instructors, students, and staff. Please see the following archive to learn more about our previous events (2000-2017).