Cultural Awareness Program

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Cultural Awareness Program

Mission Statement

The Cultural Awareness Program sub-committee supports the creation of events and programming that engages our campus and regional communities in building cultural competency and appreciation through a transformational lens of unity, equity, restorative and social justice.


  • Work to foster a campus environment in which cultural awareness and competency is promoted through events that are in alignment with SJDC District goals, in particular the Student Equity and Achievement Plan.
  • Collaborate with campus individuals and groups to plan, fund, and/or produce cultural events to meet identified educational and cultural needs of SJDC students and the community at-large.
  • Encourage the campus community to connect with regional community-based organizations, local governments, and educational institutions to co-host or co-sponsor events.
  • Seek funding for Cultural Awareness Program grants and events. -Produce an annual Cultural Awareness Program report. -Advocate for cultural competency and social justice on campus.

Cultural Awareness Program Working Group

AP 2430 Governance Committee Structure

  • The CAP Working Group is a sub-committee of the Student Success and Equity Committee.
  • Executive Secretary: Dean of Student Learning and Assessment

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