Puente Mentors

What does a Puente Mentor do?

The Puente program matches it's students with mentors from the business and professional community. Mentors share with mentees their personal, academic and career experiences as well as provide a window into "real life" work environments. Your decision to become a Puente Mentor can have a profound impact in your mentee's life.

As a Puente Mentor you agree to:

  • commit to mentor a student for one academic year (two semesters).
  • meet with your mentee at least 18 hours (9 hours per semester).
  • call your mentee at least once a month to help maintain contact.
  • help your mentee with mentor related classroom assignments.
  • acquaint your mentee with your educational and career background and professional expertise.
  • serve as a positive role model and encourage the achievement of higher education.
  • support fellow mentors by sharing your own mentor experience.
  • participate in mentor activities.

Become a Puente Mentor

Ready to become a Puente Mentor? Please fill out the Puente Project Mentor Profile form.

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