Which Learning Community is Right For Me?

Not sure which Learning Community to participate in? Use the steps below to help you determine which is a good fit for you!

  1. First, know your assessment level and your educational goal. Some learning communities contain transfer-level courses with prerequisites. Other learning communities are designed for entry-level students, requiring no prerequisites. Each learning community's web page will provide this information.

  2. Second, consider your career or personal interests. Learning communities are categorized by career field, subject matter, or program affiliation. Knowing what you would like to study will help you decide which learning community is right for you.

  3. Third, review the times/days of all classes within the learning community. When you enroll in one class in a learning community, you are automatically enrolled in ALL classes in that community. Make sure your schedule accommodates each class within your chosen learning community


"Learning Communities are great! It's a two-in-one course; teachers interact with each other, so no conflict between schedules and work or assignments."

Learning Communities Student

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