ECP Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Early College Pathway Program (ECP)?
The Early College Program allows high school students to take college courses while in high school. While in the program, they will be guided to take courses. So, by the time they graduate high school, they will also graduate with either an Associate’s degree, IGETC lower division general education requirements fulfilled, and/or CSU GE’s fulfilled.

Do these classes count as high school electives?
You will need to check with your high school counselor.

Will an Associate degree in any field be obtained or only in one specific field?
The Associate degree(s) will be an AS in Interdisciplinary Studies Mathematics, and Science and/or AA in Interdisciplinary Studies Arts, Humanities and Social Science.

Can we enroll in our sophomore year?
No, you will need to enroll during the summer of 8th grade, so that you can take courses beginning your freshman year of high school.

Are the courses taken online or in person?
Currently, all courses are online.

What are cohort classes?
These are courses students go through together, meaning your group takes the same classes during this 4-year program.

If a student’s grade goes down in an early college course, how will it impact the student? 
All college grades earned will be permanent on the student’s college transcript. Depending on the grade(s) received, student’s may be able to repeat the course, provided they speak with the ECP counselor.

Are Delta classes equivalent to high school AP courses?
Students would need to check with their high school counselor.

Are classes every day?
It depends on the course. Typically, classes are not every day.

If I meet all the requirements for early college, am I automatically in the program?
No, you will still need to complete the Delta application and complete the CES form.

When do we need to enroll in courses?
You will see an enrollment date and time in your MyDelta. We also communicate with you during check ins and via emails and texts.

What if my child joins ECP and they decide they don’t want to continue?
The student can drop ECP. In addition, the student will need to drop the college courses by the deadline, otherwise grades will be reflected and will be on the student’s permanent transcript.

Are the courses pre-selected? 
Yes, because this is a cohort style program, all courses are pre-selected and seats are set aside.

Can I do both IGETC and AS?

Will participation in ECP increase my chance of getting into universities, UC’s, and out of state universities?
Students will be more competitive.