For Club Advisors

Advisors play a critical role in the effectiveness of a club. The primary role of the Advisor is to serve as a resource for the organization. Advisors counsel and advise student organizations by asking the "tough" questions, assisting students in their thinking process, and challenging the organization to go beyond the status quo.

What’s Expected from Club Advisors 

  • Advisors will help clubs to sign the following documents:
    • Approve Event Request Forms for room reservation at least two weeks in advance
    • Complete a Student Field Trip Packet at least four to five weeks in advance
      Student Field Trip Packet
    • Approve Fundraising Request forms at least a week in advance
    • Club registration documents 
  • Sign Club Account Authorization and Payment Request forms
  • Advisors must accompany the organization during off-campus activities (i.e., conferences, seminars, workshops, retreats, etc), to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety and welfare of organization members. If the advisor is unable to attend he/she must identify a substitute. The substitute must be approved by the Director of Student Activities. 
  • Supervise on-campus club events and activities
  • Give particular attention to the financial activities of the group in order to prevent the group from incurring organizational debts and from inappropriate spending of organization funds. 
  • Attend  all club meetings

Work Orders

Advisors be sure to submit work orders for events or activities organized on campus. Work orders include reserving tables, chairs, extra trash bins, microphones, laptops ect. Advisors will just need their Delta College username and password to submit a work order.  Be sure to submit your request at least two (2) weeks in advance to ensure your reservation will be completed. 

Submit a Work Order


Club advisors can request keys and Omni codes for reserved rooms by emailing Advisors must include the reservation number in the key request. Students can pick up the key(s) at the request of the club advisor.

Tips for Advisors

It is important to establish certain expectations of the student club. These expectations should be discussed with your club at the beginning of the year. Some expectations may include: 

  • Written goals and objectives
  • Advance notification of all meetings and events - semester calendar 
  • Awareness and adherence to all District policies 
  • Club members attendance at meetings and events 
  • Financial maturity and responsibility 
  • Open communication; honesty 
  • Commitment to the organization