Geography is a bridge between the Physical and Social Sciences. Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. At Delta College, we offer geography courses that focus on physical, cultural, and regional geography.

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Physical Geography

Studies the physical environment of the earth, and includes the study of meteorology, climatology, hydrology, natural vegetation and geomorphology. In addition to a detailed study of these subjects, you will learn new methods of investigation, including map construction and interpretation, latitude and longitude, time zones, seasons and sun angles, map projections and contour map analysis.

Cultural Geography

Covers human activities on the earth. Topics in Cultural, or more broadly, Human Geography look at population dynamics, including birth, death and migration rates, languages, religion, ethnic patterns, economic activities, including livelihood patterns, urban geography and political geography. The study of spatial interactions is the underlying dynamic that connects these topics.

World Regional Geography

The emphasis is on gaining an understanding of the total environment, both physical and human, of regions around the world. Current events are closely linked to the changing character of these regions. You’ll become familiar with place locations and are prepared to understand and appreciate similarities and differences from place to place.

Geography of California

Uses the regional approach but on a more specific or localized area, allowing an in-depth analysis of human activities within the territorial boundaries of California. In this class, you’ll conduct a more detailed examination of the physical and cultural background of the state in which they reside.

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