Studying biology will give you a deeper understanding of life on earth and the methods in which scientific investigations are conducted. Courses offered in the area of the biological sciences will expose you to the scientific origins of life, and how organisms function, grow, and reproduce. In addition, some courses in this area will introduce you to the intricate interactions between species within a functioning ecosystem.

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Prepare for Transfer with a STEM Major

Core Biology is a three-semester sequence that starts with Biology 1. Biology 1 is designed to equip you with the skills needed to become a research scientist. If you intend to apply to medical, veterinary, or dental schools you are required to take this course as well. During the remaining sequence, you will study biochemistry, cellular biology, signal transduction, cell cycle regulation, DNA replication, transcription, and translation, along with molecular biology techniques. In addition, you will study how population genetics results in evolution.

Our Core Biology course sequence is accepted into Biology- or Biochemistry-related majors in most California universities.

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Fulfill General Education Requirements

Our Biology courses outside of the core Biology sequence can fulfill general education requirements for transfer and/or to earn an Associate degree at Delta College.

See requirements in the College Catalog (under "Graduation and Transfer Requirements")


Complete Prerequisites for Health Sciences Programs

Selected biology courses serve as pre-requisites for admission into:

  • Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) programs
  • Radiology Technician (RT) Program
  • Psychiatric Technician (PT) Program

For more information about course requirements for these programs, please visit Health nad Fitness TrAC Page or the the College Catalog.

Job Titles and Career Information

Studying biology can lead to a variety of different jobs or careers. Click on a job title to find out career information such as average salaries, employment rates and more!