Font Installation Instructions

Installing New Fonts on Windows

Step 1: PRESS THE WINDOWS KEY + E (at the same time).

Keyboard Graphic

Step 2: Select and copy, or type this: \\Software\Windows\Campus_wide\Fonts 
into the bar marked “Quick Access” (or “Computer” on Windows 7) Press return.

Network Drive Graphic

Step 3: Highlight the fonts desired, Right click on the fonts and select install.

File Explorer Graphic with Font List

Great job!!! You're all done!!!

Installing New Fonts on MAC

Step 1: Open Finder  Mac Logo, and press COMMAND KEY + K (at the same time).

Step 2: Type software/osx/campus_wide/fonts and then press enter.

Step 3: In the folder with the fonts, highlight them all and double click on them. Choose install font and click the “select all fonts” box. Finally choose “install checked”. Do this for each set of fonts.

Great job!!! You're all done!!!