How To Report a Crime

The San Joaquin Delta College Police Department prides itself on being community oriented in its crime prevention strategies. The most beneficial way of preventing crime is through the tips and watchful eye of an informed public. This page is here to inform you how to properly report a crime to the Police Department. Following, is an outline illustrating what you should do when reporting a crime:

1) Call District Police

  • Emergency Blue Phone
  • Campus Phone: 911 or 5000
  • Pay/Cell Phone: (209) 954-5000

2) Provide Dispatcher

  1. What happened?
  2. Where did it happen?
  3. When did it happen?
  4. Suspect Information: Height, Weight, Hair, Clothes
  5. Weapons Used? Type?
  6. Where is Suspect Now?
  7. Did Suspect Have a Car? If so, what's the make, model and color?
  8. Was anyone injured?
  9. Do Not Hang Up Until Dispatcher Tells You To

It is extremely important that you give the dispatcher as much information as possible. The Dispatcher relays all of your information to the Police Officers who are "out in the field" responding to your call. It is imperative for the safety of the officers that you put as much detail into your report as possible, so they know exactly what they are responding to. Your assistance is always appreciated. The information that you provide assists in keeping Delta College a beautiful and safe environment for all.