Crime Prevention and Awareness

Crime Prevention is student and employee awareness of their environment and a true collaboration between law enforcement and the public. It is the willingness to look out for one another and to report suspicious activities immediately to the District Police. Students and employees must be aware of their surroundings and develop a perception of what seems out of place, or out of the ordinary. Do not take chances, what may appear harmless could be serious. Fortunately, the right attitude, actions and awareness can help protect you and your belongings.

Preventing Crimes Against Property

  • Lock all of your doors
  • Keep a list of serial numbers
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Do not carry very much cash
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Never leave property unattended

Preventing Crimes Against Persons

  • Use the "Buddy System"
  • Walk tall, with pride
  • Do not wear flashy jewelry
  • Never be afraid to scream
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Walk with your keys in hand

Safety Presentations

District Police provide informative Safety Presentations to all members of the Delta College community. The presentations range in time from 50 minutes to 80 minutes and can be modified to address a specific topic. Some of the most popular presentations we have done are "Surviving an Active Shooter Event", "District Police Services", "Crime Prevention and Awareness", and "Identity Theft".

Presentations are conducted year round upon request. To request a presentation please send us an email.


One of the essential ingredients of any successful crime prevention program is an informed public. It is the intent of San Joaquin Delta College to inform students and staff, in a timely manner, of any criminal activity or security problems which may pose a reasonable threat to their physical safety. Such information will regularly be published and distributed to students, faculty and staff through several campus publications, such as The Mustang Bulletin, a publication for students, The Impact, a newspaper created by students for the college, and the Staff Notes Newsletter, a publication for staff, in-house memos or bulletins and electronic mail. Another critical element of a campus safety program is education. District Police, in conjunction with the Student Activities Office and the Counseling Department, sponsor programs of various topics. District Police speak at public events regarding crime prevention, or other topics as requested.

Parking Lot Surveys 

To facilitate the enforcement of parking regulations and to ensure the safety of students and staff, the District Police survey parking lot surfaces for damage and for clarity of painted parking indicators.

Lighting Survey

District Police survey the interior and exterior lighting on campus on a weekly basis and report all lighting problems to the Maintenance and Operations Department for repair.

Regular Patrol

District Police patrol the campus by foot, bicycle and vehicle. Uniformed patrol provides a visual deterrent to potential thieves and also provides high visibility to the public in general, should contact be desired.