Okta Single Sign-On

Use your Delta email username and password to sign-on to your applications from one central location

With OKTA, you will log in one time, from one place and instantly have access to many of the apps you need for work at Delta — Office 365, Oracle, IT Service Desk, Canvas, and Box

Why Okta?

  • Better overall experience: Okta makes it simpler for you to get to the applications you need for work
  • Improved security: Okta adds a layer of protection to our network, data, and you.
  • Your apps, only one password: Use your Delta email and password to sign-on to your applications from one central location
  • Easy access from anywhere: Okta is available in and outside of the office and even on mobile devices. This means you don’t have to be at your desk to use it.

Okta Instructions

How to Login to Okta
  1. Go to: https://deltacollege.okta.com/
  2. Log-in using your OKTA username and password
  3. Enter your OKTA password.
  4. Click sign in and you will be redirected to your Okta Dashboard.
Okta Browser Plugin

Access Okta from your browser window with the Okta Plugin.

Download the Okta Plguin

To download and install the Okta Plugin, go to Okta's Download Browser Plugin Instructions and follow the link for your preferred browser. 

After downloading the browser plugin, you will be able to click on the plugin from your browser to view and sign in to any of your Dela apps. 

Click the Okta Plugin to Access Your Apps!

Accessing Your Email and Other Apps

You can access your email, canvas, Box and other work apps form your Okta Dashboard

  1. Sign in to Okta with your Delta Email and password
  2. Once logged in, your Okta Homepage will be displayed with all Apps that you have available.
    Okta Dashboard
  3. Click one of the app icons to begin using. 
  4. Okta will automatically sign you in and launch the application in a new tab of your browser
  5. Return to the Okta tab in your browser when you are ready to start using additional apps
Manage Your Passwords

Forgot Your Password

  1. If you forgot your password, go to the Delta Okta Sign In Page 
  2. Click the Need Help Signing In? link below the blue sign in button.
  3. Click the Forgot Password Link
  4. Enter your Delta email address and click Reset via Email. (Note you can also reset via SMS or Voice Call if you have set those up in your settings)
  5. Look in your inbox for the system generated email and follow the prompts.

Change Your Okta Password

Follow the Change My Password instructions for employee email and computer/network passwords.

How to Change Your Password

Set Up Your Account Settings

Add a Secondary Email

Secondary emails are useful in case you forget your Okta password. If you forget your password, then you can request a password help link be sent to your email address. But since you're accessing your Delta's email through Okta, then you won't be able to access the email that was sent. If you have provided Okta with a secondary email address, then Okta will also send the forgotten password email to your secondary email address — making it easy to access and reset your password!

To set a secondary email:

  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the navigation, and click on settings.Okta Settings
  2. From settings, click edit next to personal information
    Enter a secondary email address and click save
  3. Enter a secondary email in the open text field and click save.

Forgotten Password Question

Set a forgotten password question so you can reset your password in case you have trouble signing in to your Okta account.

  1. From your account settings, click edit next to the Forgotten Password Question.
  2. Select a question from the dropdown and add an answer to the answer text field.
  3. Click Save.

Add Phone Recovery

Set up a phone recovery to use for resetting your password or unlocking your account. This is important to help you in case you ever don’t have access to your email to reset a password/unlock your account. 

  1. From your account settings, find Forgot Password Text Message.
  2. Click Add Phone Number
    Add phone number
  3. In the popup that opens, enter your cell phone number and click Send Code
    Send code
  4. A code will be sent by text message to your cell phone. Enter the code in the popup window and click verify.
  5. You will get a confirmation message that the phone number is setup. Click done to be returned to your account settings.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will MyDelta be available from Okta?

The MyDelta Faculty Center will not be available in Okta until a future phase. You will continue to access it from the MyDelta Login

I download Outlook onto my computer and use that to check my email. Will that be affected?

No, Okta will not affect your Desktop versions of Office 365.

Need Help?

Have questions? Email ithelpdesk@deltacollege.edu