Become A SI Leader

Interested in becoming a SI Leader? There are some loose guidelines for becoming an SI leader. You should exhibit model student behavior to your peers, and be an engaging and welcoming leader. In addition, it's preferable that you obtain an A or high B grade in the course you would like to SI for. A faculty recommendation is also strongly advised.

Job Description

The SI Leader’s role is to organize and lead SI sessions throughout the semester that foster self-directed learning and higher-level thinking skills, with a balance of modeling, practice, and feedback.

SI student sessions are led by San Joaquin Delta College students who have excelled in the targeted course(s). SI leaders attend course lectures, participate in classroom activities, demonstrate what has been read or heard, generate new ideas, and put content-related concepts into perspective. What SI leaders do NOT do is re-lecture or go beyond the content covered in class.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Attend and participate in required pre-service training.
  2.  Meet with the professor before the semester commences to discuss goals and determine how SI can best supplement the class.
  3. Attend all lectures and model effective student behaviors.'
  4. Hold at least three SI sessions per week during the semester (minimum 36 sessions/semester).
    • Arrange appropriate days, times, and rooms for the SI sessions.
    • Market the SI discussions to the students throughout the semester, in cooperation with the professor.
  5. Attend and contribute to meetings/trainings with your SI Supervisor and other SI Leaders by sharing resources, responding to other SI leaders’ experiences, and participating in cooperative problem-solving. 
  6. Record attendance at all SI sessions, and submit attendance records in hardcopy form, on a weekly basis to your SI Supervisor.
  7. Notify Supervisor immediately if you are going to be late for a session or if your session is canceled for any reason.
  8. Administer mid-semester feedback forms to students. Meet with your SI Supervisor to assist with interpretation of the results and make plans to implement any changes based on student responses. 
  9. Be observed during an SI session by your SI Supervisor and/or SI Program Coordinator. Participate in a follow-up meeting to receive feedback. Participate in peer observations of other SI leaders as directed by your SI Supervisor.

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