The Manteca Center is 155-acre site dedicated to agricultural education. Located 15 miles southeast of the Stockton campus, this self-sustaining farm operates as a instructional facility for students to learn about horticulture, agribusiness, animal husbandry and more. Our pastures, gardens and nurseries will equip you with on-the-job training for a career in plant or animal sciences.


Manteca Center
5298 Brunswick Road
Manteca, CA 95336
(209) 851-0422 
Donald Drake, Farm Manager
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Classroom at Manteca Center



Parking Permit Enforcement is suspended till further notice.  Other types of parking violations (Accessibility Parking, loading, No Parking Zone, etc.) are still being enforced. 

Details on how to purchase your parking permit online will be available here during Summer 2024.

General Information

Manteca Center has one (1) parking lot, MC1, with approximately 90 parking spaces.

  • Parking at Delta College center is by permit only
  • Permits are not required in designated 30 minute or 1 hour parking stalls or un/loading zones
  • Permits may be purchased for the day, or for the entire semester
  • Parking permits are required 24 hours a day (beginning on Monday at 6:00am through Friday 6:00pm)
  • Parking is FREE on weekends, holidays, and during semester breaks.
  • All other parking regulations are enforced at all times


Fees & Fines 

Permit Fees
  • Daily Parking Permit -  $2.00
  • Semester Permit -  $30.00
  • Two Wheeled Vehicle Permit -  $24.00
  • "No Permit" Violation Fine - $33.00 
  • Using Invalid Permit - $33.00
  • Red Zone - $38.00
  • No Parking Area - $38.00

For nore information regarding parking, please visit the following link: Parking Information.