OWE Student Report Forms with Assignments and Submission Deadlines

Program Information and Assignments

The following assignments are provided in the Student Handbook:

  • Student Learning Objectives
  • (3) Reports
  • Employer Evaluation

All assignments must have the supervisor's signature prior to submission. Please make a copy for yourself prior to submission.

OWE Student Report Forms

Forms are available in the Applied Science, Business & Technology Division office in Holt 140.

OWE Program FAQs

Submission Deadlines

OWE Assignments

Deadline for Submission (Option 1)

All reports are due on the following Fridays

Deadline for Submission (Option 2)

All reports are due on the following Fridays

1. Application June 2 June 25
2. Student Learning Objectives June 11 July 2
3. Report #1 July 2 July 16
4. Report #2 July 23 July 30
5. Report #3 Aug 13 Aug 13
6. Employer Evaluation Aug 13 Aug 13