Constitution and Bylaws




  1. Governing Board Composition, Officer Responsibilities, and Eligibility Requirements (revised spring 2014)
  2. Right of Ascension
  3. Failure to Meet Academic Requirements
  4. Impeachment
  5. Recall Standards and Procedures
  6. Initiative, Referendum, Recall
  7. Meeting Protocol
  8. Office Protocol
  9. Committees
  10. Definitions
  11. Appointment Procedures of ASDC officers
  12. Appointment Procedures of Student Representative
  13. Election Code
  14. Student Representation Fee
  15. Finance
  16. ASDC Grants

Use the following documents to propose changes to the ASDC Constitution and Bylaws. Completed forms can be submitted to the Office of Student Activities in Shima 101

Please review the ASDC constitution for more information on the process to change the constitution and bylaws.