Adreanna Rodriguez

VOICES: Stockton Women's Art Collective Exhibition, "Alone Together" 

Adreanne Rodriguez



Adreanna Rodriguez is a Lakota/Chicana artist based in Oakland, CA.  As a storyteller, her research, writing, and filmmaking revolve around issues of social and climate justice for indigenous communities, as well as femme stories.

She has directed and produced her first short documentary film about female pastoralists from the Maasai tribe who document the impact of climate change through the use of participatory photography.  Adreanna holds a M.A. in Visual Anthropology from San Francisco State University, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Documentary Studies from the Maine College of Art in Portland, where she was the recipient of the Salt Fellowship. 

She has recently turned her attention to creating audio documentaries, where she continues to utilize storytelling as a way to highlight the voices of those living at the margins.  Adreanna was a 2020 National Fellow of USC’s Center for Health Journalism fellowship where she reported on Native youth in the foster care system.

Artist Statement:

As a storyteller, I would like to continue moving forward with the discursive space of indigenous media, and tell stories that bring attention to the broader issues of self-determination, cultural rights, and political sovereignty.  As a Lakota woman, I understand the value of what the synthesis of visual imagery and insight has to offer indigenous communities, as we continue to redefine ourselves through the use of the fixed and moving image, as well as the spoken word.  My younger brothers and sisters are watching me with a keen eye, and I want to show them what possibilities are available, and how having our voices heard can bring about change



Document the Impact
Short Documentary Film, 2018
Run Time: 18:27
Video Link

"Female pastoralists document the impact of climate change through photography."



of down east
Short Documentary Film, 2019
Run Time: 7:28
Video Link

"A young woman living in Maine navigates life, spirituality, and acceptance."



Shift Change
Short Documentary Film, 2019
Run Time: 5:22
Video Link

"Women Workers of the Casco Bay Bridge Project in Portland, Maine"



California Farmers and the Impact of COVID-19
Short Audio Documentary, 2020
Run Time: 8:45
Audio Link

"COVID-19 has had a great impact on California farmers, some of our most essential workers. While some farmers face new challenges amid COVID-19, others have found success."



Sheltering Native Foster Youth During Shelter in Place
Short Audio Documentary, 2020
Run Time: 11:00
Audio Link

"In the midst of the pandemic, a new foster care model known as a "children's village" has opened up to foster youth on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota."