Lisa Rie

VOICES: Stockton Women's Art Collective Exhibition, "Alone Together" 

Lisa Rie



Lisa Rie originally from the East Bay area and based in Stockton, CA is a dancer, choreographer, Artistic Director for New Dance Company and a teacher with Stockton Unified School District.  She received her early dance training in the East Bay and continued her training while attending University of the Pacific. Lisa has presented work regionally and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her approach is collaborative and she has created over 85 dance works, many of them in collaboration with poets, musicians, visual artists and theater groups. She is equally as passionate to educate and inspire youth about the art form of dance. Lisa was a 2010 recipient of a Stockton Arts Commission Lifetime Achievement Award. For her “To live is to move and to move is to live!”

Artist Statement:

As a performance artist, I am in constant pursuit of a mind-body balance, staying present “in the moment,” and maintaining physical vitality.  Ongoing training is essential as is the need for spontaneous expression. This past year of personal loss, the pandemic, and sheltering in place have certainly challenged these pursuits but also opened up new space for creative exploration and personal revelations. I typically collaborate and create with others so the more recent dance work that was done alone or ‘distanced” with fellow performers was a new experience.


Strike The viol
Run Time: 2:44
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Media Speak
Dance Theater and Sound Design Duet, 2018
Run Time: 5:19
Playful romp inspired by news talk shows, live performance at San Francisco’s Dancing Poetry Festival/
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Excerpt from “Soar- For Marilyn”
Poetry and Dance, 2019
Run Time: 1:58
Collaboration with poet and sound accompanist
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Alone Together
Improv solo, 2021
Run Time: 4.49
Exploration of movement using mirrors
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