Committee Requirements

Brief Outline for This Year Only:

  • Based on the mission, vision, and strategic goals and the charge of the committee, develop Goals and Objectives for the year
  • Review the template for the Annual Report
  • Schedule and conduct meetings, post agendas and minutes on Shared Governance Website
  • Prepare and submit an annual report including Goals and Objectives for the upcoming year.

Outline of Committee Activities:

Meeting # 1

  1. Executive Secretary convenes the committee.
  2. Committee elects a chair which could be the Executive Secretary (from then on the two should work in tandem).
  3. Review College mission, vision, and strategic goals.
  4. Review the charge of the committee and responsibilities of members which include reporting to the entity that appointed them.
  5. Develop goals and objectives for the committee for the year. Assign tasks, and develop timelines
  6. Review template for annual report due by May 15.
  7. Publish meeting dates/times/notes/minutes/goals and objectives/tasks, and timelines in the appropriate folder on BOX.

Second to Last Meeting

  1. Review mission, vision, and goals; review charge of the committee.
  2. Review goals and objectives, timelines, and assess progress on each goal.
  3. Develop a draft annual report.
  4. Develop goals and objectives for next year.

Final Meeting

  1. Induct new committee members for the next year.
  2. Ratify final draft of annual report.
  3. Ratify goals and objectives for the next year.
  4. Submit annual report to President's Council by May 15.