Kenneth Baxter

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Ken Baxter
Budd 319


Political Science

In July 2020, Ken retired after a 41-year career in California state public service where he worked for two state departments in their headquarters office in Sacramento and as a deputy director for a district office covering the San Joaquin Valley and the Sierra Mountain counties and cities. The district work included programs and projects relating to transportation, environment, housing, land use, climate change, engineering, planning, all aspects of public administration, and other areas of government and business related items. Ken also worked directly with local, state, and federal elected officials, government employees, community-based organizations, the media, public, and other entities.

In post-retirement, Ken continues his public service as a government affairs director for a local government agency and teaches at the college level. As of 2023, Ken has taught Political Science, Public Administration, and Business at Delta College for over 24 years and has taught at other colleges including a private university where he taught community (urban) planning for 10 years.
Ken’s experience in public service has been extensive and some examples include the following:

  • Worked with and served as ex-official on several regional transportation planning agency boards, council of governments, and numerous statewide and local government committees and working groups.
  • Managed a California statewide Office of Community Planning, Intergovernmental Relations, and Inter-regional Studies.
  • Statewide Division Chief for Transportation System Information.
  • Served as Chief of Staff for the Director of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).
  • Executive assignment with the California State Senate Housing and Transportation Committee and Goods Movement Subcommittee.
  • Special assignment with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments.
  • Manager with the California Highway Patrol Headquarters Office where he led the development of and managed several statewide programs such as Transportation Corridor Safety, Freeway Service Patrol, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and development of joint policies and procedures with Caltrans.
  • Provided many state and federal legislative bill reviews and legislative and policy proposals/development.
  • Served as liaison to the California Transportation Commission.
  • Had a one-year special assignment with the United States Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. that included development and implementation of a congressional pilot project, national safety and security research and reporting, and many other national assignments relating to the states.
  • Provided numerous policy, program, and technical presentations at local, state, national, and international conferences, workshops, public hearings and meetings, forums, and symposiums.
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Social Science, Education and Public Service