Kenneth Baxter

Adjunct Instructor
Ken Baxter
Budd 319


Political Science

Ken has been involved in all levels of government for over 41 years and retired from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), as the District 10 Deputy District Director for Planning, 

Local Agency Assistance, and Environmental Programs. Ken's jurisdictional service responsibilities included eight counties, 29 cities, and three regional council of governments.  As an executive manager, Ken's staff included engineers, planners, environmentalists, administrators, and technical staff support. He also served on regional policy boards that include council of governments and worked with local, state, and federal appointed and elected officials. Ken's oversight responsibilities included various budgets, contracts, human resources, training, safety, policy development, project and program development and implementation, legislation, and all levels of public administration.

Ken participated in an 18-month Caltrans Executive Development Program (EDP) where his assignments included serving as chief of staff for the Caltrans Director, interim division chief for the statewide Transportation System Information Program, and he also served in the Caltrans Headquarters Traffic Operations Division where he worked on statewide policy and organizational 

Courses Taught:

  • Political Science 1 American Government and Institutions
Office / TrAC / Department:
Social Science, Education and Public Service