Danica Bravo

Adjunct Instructor


Administration of Justice

Hello, my name is ... Danica Bravo. I am a Stockton native and an Edison High, San Joaquin Delta College, and Stanislaus State Alumna. I currently direct the Project Rebound program at Stanislaus State University at both, the Stockton and Turlock campuses. Project Rebound provides support to current and formerly incarcerated individuals, through higher education and many other resources. 

I decided to study the field of corrections and make it my career because: I have experienced loved ones being incarcerated since a young age. When I was a teenager, my older brother went to prison and shortly after, my younger brother went to juvenile hall. Having my siblings incarcerated, was extremely painful for me. It hurt to see my brothers incarcerated and I did not know how to help them. Over time, I figured I can become a correctional officer; back then, there were few community partners or non-profits that supported this demographic with resources. I thought a corrections officer would be the best fit for me. I proceeded with the application process, written and physical exams, and shortly after, there was a hiring freeze. Due to the freeze, I needed to come up with a different plan. I thought it would be best that I continued to work, until the freeze was lifted. Then, I found higher education; both, professionally and personally. I gained employment with a private college and thought, I should pursue my college degree too. In that time, I found that I can support those incarcerated and formerly incarcerated through higher education. The desire to work in this line of work, derives from the lack of support and resources my older brother did not have while incarcerated. He continued to recidivate, which eventually lead to 18 years in prison. I am here, to help those currently and formerly incarcerated, in hopes of helping them change their lives and reduce recidivism in our community. 

The most unusual job I’ve ever had was ... I doubt this is unusual, however, I worked at a restaurant on the south side of Stockton called, "Manny's". What was unusual about it: I started working there when I was 14 years old. Back then, we did not need a work permit. I started off at $4.25 an hour.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done is ... Working two jobs, going to school full time, and raising my son as a single mom. 

My favorite way to relax is .... I love to go to the beach and relax. When I am unable to, I take long walks. I also love to hang out with my son. 

My favorite meal is ....  I am Latina and still love my Mexican food. 

You’d be surprised to learn that ... I am professional makeup artist. 

I am most proud of ... My success. Growing up on the south side of Stockton, there were many trials endured. It is a miracle I made it through. 

My motto is ... Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

If there is one piece of advice I’d like to give to anyone considering corrections as a career ...  Do your research and interview those in various correctional positions. There are various roles in correctional facilities; you want to find the one that best fits you. Additionally, there are other careers you can pursue that are not necessarily in a correctional facility; however, still working with the demographic, such as the program I oversee or non-profit organizations. 

Share a memory or experience from your time at Delta College: When I worked at Delta College, I had the pleasure of coordinating and hosting a holiday dinner for my formerly incarcerated students in 2018. I hosted 15 students and 7 community partners, had catered food, and most importantly, we had a great time!

Office / TrAC / Department:
Social Science, Education and Public Service
Administration of Justice