CANVAS Training Certification Options

The following trainings are Flex Eligible and will prepare you to teach online and hybrid courses using Canvas.

Training 1: Introduction to Teaching with Canvas – Online through @One
Training Information and Registration
  • Facilitated by: @One Trainers
  • Dates and registration:
  • Length: 4 weeks
  • Format: Fully online; all reading and tasks to be completed online.
  • Cost: $65 - may be waived with coupon code OEIfree4U 
  • Requirements: Submit all assigned work with "passing performance". You must take the 4-week facilitated version of this training, not the self-paced version.
  • Target Audience: Faculty who have NOT used Etudes previously. This training will not cover differences between Etudes and Canvas.

How to Sign Up

There are several sessions in progress or starting soon. Additional sessions will be announced regularly. Check the schedule and reserve your seat on the @one website

Sign Up

Can I take the free, self-paced version of this training?

To count toward Canvas certification at SJDC, you must take the 4-week facilitated version of this training titled "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas," not the self-paced version.

What if I can't get into the session I want?

New sessions are added on a rolling basis, based on both demand and trainer availability. With most of the California Community Colleges migrating to Canvas, this training is likely to continue for a long time to come. Watch here for additional sessions:

Who will be my training facilitators?

Experienced @One trainers and members of the Online Education Initiative (OEI). @One is a long standing professional training organization funded by the Chancellor's Office.

Training 2: Evidence of Canvas Certification Previously Received
How to Submit Evidence of Previous Training Completed

Training must be from an accredited institution of higher learning or professional training organization and approved by the Professional Development Center.

Please send a copy of your training certificate or evidence of training to Jennifer Azzaro, Professional Development & Distance Ed Coordinator, at You may also email a picture of it, or send a hard copy to Jennifer Azzaro in the Professional Development Center (Holt 121). If you don't have your certificate, please check with the organization or institution you received it from. Chances are they have a record of your training and can reproduce your certificate. All outside training must be approved by the Professional Development Center.