Mental Health Referral (Behavioral Intervention)


The San Joaquin Delta College ACTS (Mental Health Behavioral Intervention) Team is a cross functional team of professionals that evaluates and responds to concerns related to students in distress that is negatively impacting the achievement of their academic goals and well-being.  The team identifies solutions to best support students and the campus community at large.

Crisis Intervention Protocols

Please follow the outlined protocol for crisis intervention referrals: 

Urgent/Emergency – immediate harm to self or harm to others; criminal or unlawful.

  1. Contact District Police at (209) 954-5000 or 911
  2. Complete a SJDC Student Mental Health Incident Referral Form after speaking and reporting to police

Non-Emergency – intervention response is initiated within 24 hours

  1. Faculty/Staff observes concerning student behavior and speaks to student privately of the observed concern(s)
  2. Faculty/Staff informs and consults with Division Dean
  3. Complete and submit a SJDC Student Mental Health Incident Referral Form based on three intervention levels:
    • Mild Behavior – FYI only
      • Example: Significant changes in academic performance in the classroom; difficulty adjusting to college
    • Moderate Behavior – Counseling Intervention
      • Example: Behavior which may interfere with class management; difficulty dealing with separation, divorce, death or loss, or other relationship issues
    • Critical Behavior – ACTS Intervention
      • Example: Overwhelming feelings of anxiety, depression or hopelessness; loss of reality; thoughts or action plan of harming self or harming others; substance abuse
  4. Appropriate college officials respond to Mental Health Incident Report and initiate student support intervention.

SJDC Student Mental Health Incident Referral Form