About Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program provides FREE college-level courses in both Transfer and Career Pathways. With over 30 high schools in the San Joaquin Regionparticipating, the program allows high school students to get a jump start on their college education by taking college courses while still in high school.

Dual enrollment is a form of College Early Start. Unlike Dual Enrollment, where students take courses on their high school campus, with College Early Start  students take courses at the Delta Stockton campus and other satellite locations for college credit only. Each school district must determine whether high school credit will be granted for classes completed for college credit at Delta College.

Program Eligibility

To enroll in the Delta College Dual Enrollment Program, you must:

  1. Be age 13 and older.
  2. Be enrolled in the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade and attending a high school that is participating in the Dual Enrollment Program with SJDC.
  3. Complete a College Early Start form with high school counselor and obtain all required signatures.

About the Courses

Courses offered by the Dual Enrollment Program are geared toward COLLEGE and CAREER readiness. Though course topics vary each semester, classes generally fall in one or more of the categories below: 

  • Teach the student about the post-secondary educational system and provide guidance for success in college.
  • Fulfill the general education requirements for an Associates of Arts or an Associates of Science Degree.
  • Transfer to a California State University or a University of California 4-year institution. (CSU, UC)
  • Form part of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum Certificate. (IGETC)
  • Are in the Business, Psychology, Pre-Health, or Administration of Justice fields.
  • Are related to the dominant labor industries within the students' local communities.

Have More Questions?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at dualenrollment@deltacollege.edu.