International Student Program FAQs

What Associate degree programs are available at San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC)?

SJDC offers Associate in Art and Associate in Science degrees. Please click on the following link for a complete list: Associate Degree Programs

Am I eligible to attend SJDC if I entered the United States on a B-1/B-2 (Visitor) Visa?

B-1/B-2 (Visitor) Visa holders are not eligible to attend college in the United States according to Federal Regulation. To be eligible to attend college, you must complete be admitted to an approved school, then return to your home country to apply for an F-1 (Student) Visa. You may also be eligible to apply for a change to F-1 status while in the US. Please contact an immigration attorney for assistance. Please be sure to also visit the Department of Homeland Security's web site, Study in the States to view the new comprehensive foreign student resourceStudy Guide to the States.See also, the information onChange of Immigration Status.

Does Delta College evaluate foreign transcripts or give credit for a college degree from outside the US or from a US school that is not regionally accredited?

Delta College does not evaluate foreign transcripts. Links to transcript evaluation services are available on theHelpful Links page. Transfer credit will not be granted for coursework completed outside the US or from institutions that are not US regionally accredited and listed in the Accredited Institution of Higher Education.

How much does it cost to attend Delta College?

Current cost details are availalbe here: SJDC: International Students: Expenses

How do I get an I-20? What is the application process?

Complete and submit the International Student Online Application for Admission required documentation to the ISP Office. It will take approximately two weeks to process the completed application. When processing is completed Delta College admission notification and instructions for your next steps will be emailed to you.

Please read all of the documents carefully and follow the instructions.

What do I do after I receive the I-20?

Once the I-20 is received, you are required to pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee. For complete information on the SEVIS I-901 Fee, including a tutorial, please visit the Study in the States web site. You must have proof you have paid the I-901 fee in order to apply for an F-1/Student Visa at the nearest US Embassy or Consulate. 

When do I arrive?

Plan your arrival in the US after you obtain an F-1/Student Visa. See the Program of Study section of your I-20 for the earliest admission date. You should plan to arrive no later than the Program Start Date on the I-20. Be sure to notify the ISP when you have been granted an F-1 visa and know your arrival date.

What do I do after I arrive in the US?

You are required to notify the ISP Office of your arrival in the US.  Course registration (enrollment) requirements will be emailed at that time.

What type of housing is available for students?

Student housing options are apartment rental, either alone or with a roommate. SJDC does not have on-campus housing. Please see the housing information in Helpful Links.

Is medical insurance required?

You are required to provide proof of medical insurance before you will be able to enroll in classes each semester. The ISP Office has a policy available, which you may purchase once you arrive. Please see the medical insurance information in Helpful Links.

How do I maintain my F-1/Student Visa?

You must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units throughout each semester in order to maintain your F-1 status. The Summer Session is optional and is not subject to the minimum unit requirement for continuing students.

Can F-1 students take Internet classes?

F-1 students may take only one Internet class (3.0 unit maximum) during the Fall and Spring semesters. There is no limitation during the Summer intercession.

Is there a counselor for International Students?

Dr. Cheuyengther Xiong is the designated counselor for international students.  Counseling Center services include assistance with educational goals, student education planning, and university transfer preparation.

When do I pay tuition?

Payment of tuition and enrollment fees are required at the time of registration. Fees are payable by credit card online, personal or cashiers check, or money order by mail or in person at the Cashier's Office, Administration 102A Service Window.

Am I eligible for Financial Aid?

As a student on an F-1 visa, you will not be eligible for State or Federal Financial Aid (fee waiver, grant, Work Study, etc.). You may apply for SJDC scholarships after you have completed one semester of non-ESL course work. Please contact Financial Aid, Scholarships and Veterans Services for further information.

May I work while I am in the US?

F-1 Students are eligible to work on campus only, up to 20 hours per week. On-campus employment is very limited.

Is a California Driver's License required to drive a car or motorcycle?

A California Driver's License is required to drive. Please contact an ISP specialist for further information by emailing 

Do students transfer to universities directly from SJDC?

At SJDC you may complete your first two years of university work required for a Bachelor's Degree (four-year college degree) and transfer as a junior to the baccalaureate institution. You may transfer with or without an Associate Degree. Please click on the following link for information on transfer agreements: Transfer Center