Uniforms, Tools, Books and Supplies

Students enrolled in The Culinary Arts Program, will be expected to obtain uniforms, tools and supplies to support their many and varied class and lab activities in a timely fashion. All classes in The program will require materials and textbooks in order to complete course work. Each class stipulates its own specific needs. As class requirements and prices change, it is not possible to provide exact costs for these materials.

All book, class materials and uniforms are available in the Campus Bookstore or at:

High End Uniforms 
5442 Gateway Plaza Dr. Benicia, CA 94510
(707) 746-7011

    Uniform and Tools Purchase Links 

    The professor will discuss additional required items during the first day of class.


    Dining Room Uniform

    The professor will discuss additional required items during the first day of class.


    Culinary and Baking Lab Uniform and Tools List

    Lab Classes(Cul Art 7, 9, and 19)

    By the third week of the semester, all lab students must be dressed in the complete prescribed uniform. Students should possess the following:

    • White Chefs Coat
    • White Four-Fold Apron
    • Black and White Check Pants
    • Hair Covering (check with instructor)
    • Solid comfortable work shoes (no sandals/open toe shoes)
    • 8" Chefs Knife (French knife)
    • Paring Knife
    • Measuring Spoon Set
    • Zester
    • Channel Knife
    • Vegetable Peeler
    • Instant-read Pocket Thermometer

    Service Classes (Culinary Arts)

    • Black Skirt/Slacks
    • Tie (determined by class)
    • Solid Comfortable Work Shoes (no sandals/open toe shoes)
    • White, Long-Sleeve Shirt or Blouse (tuxedo shirts are suggested)
    • Hand-Held Calculator
    • Black Bistro-style Apron
    FAQS About Uniforms, Tools and Fees
    How many uniforms shall I purchase?

    Many students find it useful to have two sets of uniforms, especially if enrolled in two lab classes in one semester.

    Should I buy the best knife available as a beginning student?

    Good knifes are very expensive; if you are not on a tight budget, by all means get the best you can afford. Be sure that all of your materials are engraved (we will provide an engraver for you).

    Do I have to purchase a Service Uniform right away?

    No. A service uniform will be required for the second and third semesters.

    Will I have to carry my uniforms/knives to class each day?

    No. Lockers are provided for all lab class students. A lock is needed.

    Am I required to purchase anything else for classes?

    Depending on the classes taken, other materials may be required; a lab journal, a name tag, class workbooks, a computer disc, pens/pencils, binders and paper are examples. Please review your course outline(s) and speak with other students and instructors.

    Are there always used books for sale?

    Not always; some classes may require the purchase of a new book. The earlier students purchase their books, the greater the probablility that used books will be available.


    Are there any other fees or expenses I should consider?

    While not a Program or college requirement, all Culinary Arts students are highly encouraged to become members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF). This organization, and the benefits of membership, will be fully explained in class. If you desire to seek professional certification upon graduation, affiliating with the ACF will be required.