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tbh = To Be Honest, an Online Space for Mental Health


Build Real Skills with Real Therapists

Mental health is for everyone. Yup, you too. Whether you’ve done therapy before or not, tbh is a great place for you to build up a mental health routine. It’s like a gym for your mental health: a place where you can proactively work on whatever’s on your mind and learn useful skills that will help you be happier.

Get the expertise of therapists + the support of other students in a friendly and casual space.

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Here's How tbh Can Help

Services are all free and personalized, available for you anytime—anywhere you are!

1:1 Coaching

We get to know you and suggest therapists who match your needs and experiences. You meet with any therapist YOU LIKE, virtually, for unlimited weekly check-ins. 95% of our therapists are people of color, compared to the 14% national average for therapists.

Group Sessions

We hand-pick a therapist and 5-9 other students (from Delta AND other schools) who match your background and preferences, and provide you with a support community to meet with, virtually, once a week. You can talk or just listen to others speak – totally up to you.

Mental Health Content

We offer fun things like quizzes, blogs, and tips — all created and curated by therapists. Get answers to your pressing questions and learn more about yourself.

Caring Text Support

Humans, not bots. You can chat with our (100% human) care team about anything you need. From the minute you sign up, tbh staff is here for you!