Luis Duran

San Joaquin County Probation Officer
Luis Duran



Hello, my name is Luis Duran, and I have been with the San Joaquin County Probation Department for 5 years. During this time, I have worked in the Adult and Juvenile Divisions. I have covered Adult and Juvenile courts, managed a caseload, conducted home visits and compliance searches, and worked with other law enforcement agencies like local police departments and homeland security on special missions. 

  • I decided to enter the field of Probation because: I felt it was a career where you get to do a little bit of everything within the different law enforcement careers out there. Probation is a unique career, where every day is different and you need to find a balance between Law Enforcement and Social work. For example, one day you could be working a mission with local police departments and the next day you are developing a plan with school officials, to improve a youth’s attendance that is on probation. I felt I needed a career that wouldn’t’ become the same daily routine, as I need 30+ years to reach retirement, and a career in Probation will never be the same routine. 
  • The most unusual job I ever had: I did not work too many jobs before my career, but I did work at a grocery store during high school, a few cherry seasons in the shipping office during college and coached soccer at a local high school. I was able to learn something from all these jobs and apply it to my career today.
  • I felt it was important serve on this board: To help shed light and share a different perspective on Probation. As a college student, I knew little of Probation and one presentation in college from a Probation Officer sparked my interest in this field. 
  • Hardest thing I ever done: Make a decision as to what law enforcement field I wanted to join. I applied to different agencies before I graduated college and fortunately had a few job offers when I graduated. I had to put all the good and bad for each career on paper and ended up choosing Probation. A decision I am still happy about today.
  • My favorite way to relax: Spending time with family, playing slow pitch softball and coaching soccer. 
  • Favorite meal: Carne asada tacos or burrito. 
  • One item from bucket list: I want to go to Brazil.
  • Three people living or deceased I would invite to dinner: LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Derek Jeter. 
  • You’d be surprise to learn that: Baseball is my favorite sport even though I played soccer all the way through college and I am still heavily involved in soccer as a local coach and ref.
  • I am proud of most: My parents because they set me up to succeed I am where I am today thanks to them. 
  • My motto is: Once you know what failure is like, determination chases success.
  • If there were one piece of advice to give anyone considering Probation as a career, it would be: inform yourself on this career, as best you can, as well as your other career options. Before you make your career decision, know yourself and what is important to you. 
Office / TrAC / Department:
Social Science, Education and Public Service
Administration of Justice