Cristie Bryant

Success Coach / Resource Specialist


Social Science, Education, and Public Service

Cristie Bryant is one of the new Success Coaches for the Social Science, Education and Public Service TrAC.  Cristie has worked in higher education for several years, beginning at Hawai’i Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawai’i as a Student Service Representative and then as a Financial Aid Counselor.  She then relocated back to California and began working here at San Joaquin Delta College.  She has worked in the roles of Financial Aid Specialist, a Senior Financial Aid Specialist, and now as a “Success Coach” Resource Specialist.  Cristie is passionate to assist students in reaching their goals and overcoming any adversity.

Cristie enjoys traveling, hiking, and attending sports events with her son. They also enjoy theme parks and dreams of traveling to all of the International Disney Parks someday. Cristie earned a Master of Arts degree in Communication at Hawai’i Pacific University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a concentration in Family at San Jose State University. The focus of her studies was on race and ethnic relations. She has had several volunteer experiences as well that have empowered her to have a strong passion for wanting to support students and the community.

She is excited about being a part of a team that makes it easier for our students to understand their goals, their student education plan, to stay engaged and motivated, and to complete their goals. Cristie is passionate about maintaining a positive environment and to assist in students’ success.

Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Veterans Services