View My Classes in MyDelta

View My Classes in MyDelta shows you the classes you are currently enrolled in and/or waitlisted for in current and upcoming terms. 

  1. Log in to MyDelta
  2. From your MyDelta homepage, click the Manage Classes icon. 
  3. Click on View My Classes from the left sidebar menu. 
  4.  Select the term you want to view classes for.
  5. Under each course, click on the row of the class to see additional class details such as meeting information, enrollment information, and textbooks.View My Classes
  6. Change the classes that are being listed by selecting or unselecting the options Show Enrolled Classes, Show Waitlisted Classes, Show Dropped Classes
  7. Choose By Date to view your classes in a weekly schedule.
     View My Classes by date
    • The default displays your classes in a single week. You can change the dates to see your schedule for multiple weeks or even the entire term!  ​
  8. As you add or drop classes, check back here to see your up to date class schedule.