Enrollment Appointments in MyDelta

You may register for classes on or after your assigned date and time, but not before. Use the steps below to find your assigned registration day and time.

  1. Log in to MyDelta
  2. From your MyDelta homepage, click the Manage Classes icon. 
  3. Click on Enrollment Appointment from the left sidebar menu. 
  4. A page will open with the date and time that you are able to begin registering for classes

What To Do If You Cannot See Your Enrollment Appointment

If you cannot see your registration appointment in MyDelta, it may be because:

  1. You are a new Delta College student and your registration date has not yet been assigned (please note if can take 3-4 business days to process)
  2. Your enrollment appointment has not yet been synced from the legacy system

Please submit our MyDelta Help Form and we will look up your enrollment appointment and respond with the date and time that you register.

Submit a MyDelta Help Request