View Grades

How to Check Your Grades

  1. Log in to MyDelta
  2. From your MyDelta homepage, click the Academic Records icon. 
  3. Click on View Grades from the left sidebar
  4. Select the term you want to view grades for
  5. Your grades for the selected term will be displayed

When Are Grades Posted?

Final grades for each term will appear in MyDelta after the term ends. Your grades are displayed when they are posted by the instructor. However, please be patient: in some cases, grades may take up to one day to appear after posting. There is no automated notification system to alert you that grades are posted. You will need to log in to MyDelta and follow the steps above to see if they are available. 


When viewing your grades, you will see a Term GPA and Cumulative GPA.
Click on a GPA to see details

Term GPA

  • The Term GPA is your GPA for the selected term. 
  • If the term is still in progress, the Term GPA will be 0.00
  • Click on the Term GPA row to view details about how the Term GPA was calculated.

Cumulative GPA

  • The Cumulative GPA is your GPA for all courses taken at Delta College.
  • Click on the Cumulative GPA row to view details about how your Cumulative GPA was calculated.