'Visions in Clay' at San Joaquin Delta College is the largest ceramics show in the San Joaquin Valley. This piece, "Blight," is by Danielle O'Malley.
'Visions in Clay' opens at Delta's L.H. Horton Gallery
August 23, 2018
STOCKTON — The L.H. Horton Gallery presents the ninth annual "Visions in Clay," the largest exhibition of ceramic works in the San Joaquin Valley.
The exhibition runs from Sept. 4 to Sept. 21, with an opening reception from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Sept. 6.
Admission to the gallery on Delta College's Stockton campus is free and open to the public.
'Visions in Clay' at San Joaquin Delta College is the largest ceramics show in the San Joaquin Valley. This piece, "Wall Tray," is by Matthew Patton.
Founded by the San Joaquin Potters Guild in 2002, Visions in Clay was turned over to the Horton Gallery in 2010. It is an exceptional show of craftsmanship and diverse style. Visions in Clay has been featured several times in the national magazine Ceramics Monthly, including the September issue featuring the work of 2018 Visions in Clay artist Alina Hayes.
Beth Ann Gerstein, executive director of the Museum of American Ceramic Art, was this year’s guest juror. She selected the works and awards for exhibition. The selection was based on quality of craftsmanship, unique content and form, and technical skill. This year’s exhibit features 58 works by 48 artists from around the country, including Stockton artist Kathy White.
To view the exhibition online and link to the artists’ websites, visit the Gallery website at gallery.deltacollege.edu and go to Current Exhibitions.
'Visions in Clay' at San Joaquin Delta College is the largest ceramics show in the San Joaquin Valley.
About the Juror
Exhibition Juror Beth Ann Gerstein is the executive director of the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, California. From 1994–2014 she was the executive director of The Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston. Gerstein holds an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan and a BFA from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania.
She currently serves on the Board of the Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in Maine. Gerstein is a former member of the Collections Committee of the Fuller Craft Museum, in Brockton, Massachusetts, and a former Board member of the Glass Art Society. She has been a juror for a number of craft shows including the American Craft Council, Bellevue Craft Show and the Smithsonian Craft Show, as well as a juror for state arts council grant programs in Maine, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Ohio and Illinois.
Recent curatorial projects:
Dirk Staschke: Nature Morte
We the People: Serving Notice
Kukuli Velarde: Plunder Me, Baby
Peter Olson: Photo Ceramica
Juror’s Statement
One of the most rewarding but also challenging tasks asked of any arts professional is to participate as a juror for an exhibition. There is no official rulebook and the process is highly subjective. Each of us comes equipped with his or her own artistic knowledge and experiences.
I went into this selection process with the purpose of choosing the best artwork from a diverse group of applicants. I judged each artwork based on composition, materials, craftsmanship, creativity, and techniques. I looked for artists who have their own vision, master a technique, tell an interesting narrative, push the boundaries, and/or take a risk.
I want to congratulate all of the artists whose work was included in this exhibition. I would also like to thank San Joaquin Delta College and Jan Marlese for this opportunity to participate in the selecting Visions in Clay.
Beth Ann Gerstein
Executive Director
American Museum of Ceramic Art
Visions in Clay Awards
Rebecca Zweibel, Best of Show $800
Donald Williams, 2nd Place $600
Mimi Logothetis, 3rd Place $400
Tiffany Schmierer, San Joaquin Potters Guild Founders Award $300
Markus Avila (San Leandro, California)
Shannon Blakey (Columbia, Missouri)
Jennifer Brazelton (San Francisco, California)
G. E. Colpitts (Belvidere, Illinois)
Lisa Crane (Santa Barbara, California)
Nicolas Darcourt (Minnetonka, Minnesota)
Jay Dougan (Durango, Colorado)
Linda S. Fitz Gibbon (Woodland, California)
Sandy Frank (Sabastopol, California)
Ron Geibel (White Plains, New York)
Mary German (Edmond, Oklahoma)
Guillermo Guardia (Grand Forks, North Dakota)
Lois Harbaugh (Bellevue, Washington)
Sharon Harper (Springfield, Missouri)
Julianne Harvey (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Alina Hayes (West Hills, California)
Douglas Hein (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Mindy Horn (Weston, Connecticut)
Maile Iwanaga (San Bruno, California)
Lisa Jetonne (Fairfield, California)
Francisco Pancho Jeménez (Campbell, California)
Lucien Koonce (Haydenville, Massachusetts)
Allen K. Littlefield (New Paltz, New York)
Mimi Logothetis (Cedar Grove, North Carolina
Anthony Maki Gill (Auburn, California)
Jennifer McCandless (Windsor, Connecticut)
Lee Middlemn (Portola Valley, California)
Dan Molyneux (Weaverville, California)
Vince Montague (Cloverdale, California.)
Rebecca Murtaugh (Clinton, New York)
Arny Nadler (University City, Missouri)
Danielle O’Malley (Bozeman, Montana)
Steven Osterlund (San Marcos, California)
Matthew Patton (Seattle, Washington)
Tim Roda (Long Beach, New York)
Shana Salaff (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Jan Schachter & Peggy Forman (Portola Valley, California)
Tiffany Schmierer (San Francisco, California)
Marti Schoen (Davis, California)
Luke Severson (Omaha, Nebraska)
John Shea (Madison, Wisconsin)
Sonia Simoun (Alston, Massachusetts)
John Tobin (Chesapeake, Virginia)
Weiting Wei (Powell, Ohio)
Kathy White (Stockton, California)
Donald Williams (Deerfield, New Hampshire)
Dan Woodard (Redwood City, California)
Rebecca Zweibel (St. Petersburg, Florida)
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