San Joaquin Delta College President Kathy Hart greets a new graduate after the College's 84th annual Commencement ceremony at Stockton Arena on May 23.
Delta College to launch its first Alumni Association
May 30, 2019

STOCKTON — Did you attend Delta College? Do you know someone who did?

The College announced recently that it is forming an Alumni Association for the first time. The Association will build even more community support for the College and, most importantly, for Delta students themselves.

Alumni interested in joining the Association can visit to submit their names and contact information. They can also share a brief story about their Delta College experience.

“We cherish alumni as part of the Delta family. Starting an Alumni Association will allow our graduates to give of their time, talents and resources to support the College and improve the quality of life in our region,” said Delta President Kathy Hart.

Delta College Foundation President Pat Doyle announced the formation of the Association during the College's 84th annual Commencement ceremony at Stockton Arena. Before family members and friends, Delta graduates were presented with Delta College pins as they crossed the stage, and later attached the pins to their gowns to mark their new status as Delta alumni.

A new San Joaquin Delta College graduate puts on her alumni pin during the College's Commencement ceremony.

“College graduates achieve their goals with the support of family, friends, staff, and faculty,” said Doyle. “Delta College also needs support in achieving its mission. We're grateful for our alumni and hope that many of them will consider giving back by joining the new Association.”

While the exact details of the Association are yet to be worked out, the plan is that members will have the opportunity to contribute through scholarships, volunteer opportunities and other initiatives. For example, there may be opportunities for alumni to speak with young people in the community about what the College can offer them, or to serve as mentors for Delta students.

The Association will function under the umbrella of the Delta College Foundation, an 11-member body whose mission is to build strong relationships between the College and the community.

Interested? Don’t forget to visit and like the San Joaquin Delta College Alumni Association Facebook page for Association news and updates.