What is a hold?

A hold is a block on your record that prevents you from future registration for classes (including dropping classes in the current term) and accessing your grades, transcripts, diplomas, certificates, and registration privileges

Holds are placed as a result of unpaid financial obligation to the college, regulatory requirements, or student behavior. The definition of proper financial obligation shall include, but is not limited to: student fees; obligations incurred through the use of facilities; equipment or materials; library fines; unreturned library books; materials remaining improperly in the possession of the student; and/or any other unpaid obligation a student or former student owes to the District. A proper financial obligation does not include any unpaid obligation to a student organization.

What is a Flag?

A flag is used to denote special student populations, probation status, or enrollment limitations. It
does not prevent registration or the release of student records.

Release of Records

Your records will be provided to you:

  • During a period when facts are in dispute.
  • Upon payment of amounts owed.

Investigate a Hold

Have a hold on your record? Follow the steps below to investigate a hold that has been placed on your academic record should do the following:

  1. Check your Academic History to determine the type of hold that has been placed on your account
  2. Check the Hold Definition List below to find the hold and specific contact information to find out more