Student Success and Equity Committee

Delta College established a Student Succes and Equity Committee, comprised of an array of campus constituents, to assist in ensuring equal access and opportunity for all students. The committee is charged with making policies and recommendations and proposing activities related to:

  • Enrollment management planning
  • The provision of effective core matriculation services including orientation, assessment and placement, counseling and other education planning services, 
  • Academic interventions for the advancement of institutional goals related to student achievement and success
  • Closing achievement gaps for student groups which have been historically underrepresented, underserved, or disproportionately impacted across equity success areas such as Access, ESL/Basic Skills, Course and Degree Completion and Transfer
  • Support and ensure that the district’s various related plans and initiatives are implemented in conjunction with other major institutional efforts, including but not limited to, the Educational Plan, the Student Success and Support Program, the Basic Skills Initiative, the Student Equity Plan, and adult education.

Sub-Committees and Working Groups

The Student Success and Equity Committee has seven sub-committees and working groups aligned with the five success Indicators:

  • Basic Skills, Led by the Dean of LLRA
  • Cultural Awareness Program, led by the Dean of Student Learning & Assessment
  • Enrollment Management, led by the Dean of Enrollment Services and Student Development
  • Learning Assessment, led by the Dean of Student Learning & Assessment
  • Scholarship, led by the Director of Financial Aid and Veterans Services
  • Student Equity, led by the Student Equity and Diversity Manager
  • SSSP, led by the Dean of Counseling and Special Services