Faculty and Staff Inquiry Groups

At Delta College, we believe that we all play a critical role in our students' experiences and thus our students' success. The Office of Student Equity & Diversity supports “Equity-Mindedness” efforts of professional development for staff and faculty. The term “Equity-Mindedness” refers to the perspective or mode of thinking exhibited by practitioners who call attention to patterns of inequity in student outcomes. These practitioners are willing to take personal and institutional responsibility for the success of their students, and critically reassess their own practices.

Through these efforts, we hope to bring together faculty and staff from a variety of roles and disciplines for in-depth discussions to support our campus-wide efforts to creating an equitable and inclusive environment while also fostering greater intentional collaboration to develop strategic supports to better serve our students' needs.

Current Professional Development and Learning Opportunities

Currently, our office provides logistic and resource support for several professional development and learning opportunities for faculty and staff. These programs and opportunities are developed with an “equity-mindedness” approach at the core.

In support of faculty:

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning
  • Equity and Faculty Hiring Workgroup
  • Certificate of Equity: Professional Development for Faculty
  • Math Faculty Community of Practice

In support of staff:

  • African American Student Success Strategies

Participate in an Equity and Diversity Teaching and Learning Opportunity

If you are interested in joining a faculty or staff inquiry group centered around equity-mindedness, please contact Edward Aguilar, Manager or Student Equity & Diversity, at (209) 954-5378 (direct line) or eaguilar@deltacollege.edu.