Start or Register Your Club at Delta!

Start a New Club

Want to start a club at Delta College? To start a new club, you must:

  1. Submit a registration form through DeltaLink.
  2. Submit Additional paperwork including the Account Authorization form and Constitution (new clubs only).
  3. If you are a new club officer, you are required to complete club orientation. Club orientation is a training that will review the process for reserving a room on campus, hosting a fundraiser, and managing club funds. You will also receive information on contracting artists and speakers, ICC requirements, field trips and an explanation of various forms.

Register an Existing Club

Club registration is for one academic year (fall and spring semesters only). Clubs that registered in the fall, DO NOT have to register in the spring. However, if your club needs to update its officers or the Account Authorization form, the changes must be submitted by the registration deadline in DeltaLink.

To complete the club registration process the club is required to:

  1. Complete the online club registration through DeltaLink (Be sure club officers meet minimum requirements)
  2. Submit the Account Authorization form to the Office of Student Activities
  3. Send all new officers to one mandatory club orientation
  4. Provide an electronic copy of the club constitution

Club Registration begins the first day of the semester. You have six (6) weeks from the start of the semester to complete the registration process.

Club Registration Frequently Asked Quesitons
Who can serve as an advisor?

Faculty, adjunct faculty, and administrators can serve as advisors. Classified staff can serve as co-advisors with a faculty, adjunct faculty or administrator.

Are there requirements to be a club officer?

Yes. All students interested in serving as the club President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or ICC Representative must be enrolled in a minimum of four units and cannot be on academic or progress probation; or disciplinary probation. Before submitting the online club registration form, make sure the students elected to serve as officers meet the minimum requirements.

Which officers should sign the Account Authorization form?

At least one officer (President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary) must sign the form. Anyone listed on the form will be allowed to sign-off on payment request forms for the club account. The Office of Student Activities recommends having at least two students sign the form, the Treasurer and President. This way if the Treasurer is not available the President can still sign the form in order to process the payment. Forms submitted with names of students not listed as officers (i.e., President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary) will be returned incomplete.

Our club has two advisors; are both advisors required to sign the Account Authorization form?

The club may choose to have only the primary club advisor sign the Account Authorization form. However, the Office of Student Activities recommends having both advisors sign the document.

What is a constitution?

A constitution is a document that explains the purpose and rules of an organization. Typically the constitution will include the following sections: Name, Purpose, Members, Officers, Elections, Meetings, Parliamentary Procedures, and Amendments of Bylaws. If your club/organization is affiliated with a national organization there maybe additional sections required.

As per the ICC constitution Article 3., Secton 1. Membership.

"Membership in all chartered clubs shall be made up of students currently enrolled at Delta College. Clubs may give honorary memberships to non-students if so written in their constitution. Clubs shall not discriminate on the basis of age sex, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sexual preference, physical limitations, or socioeconomic status."

New clubs are required to submit a constitution to the Student Activities no later than eight weeks after the start of the semester of application.

Our club already has a constitution on file; do we have to submit another one?

No, the club does not need to re-submit the constitution to the Student Activities office. The one exception is if the club has made changes. However, the changes do not need to be submitted by the eight week deadline. Clubs can submit changes to the constitution at anytime during the semester.