Health & Wellness Services

10 Reasons to See A Counselor

We believe that success comes by being mindful of one’s health & wellness in all dimensions, and striving to grow and improve each day. But it also means knowing when to ask for help, which can mean scheduling an appointment to meet with a counselor who can help with the following:

1. Adjusting to college and college life
2. Depression
3. Anxiety/Stress
4. Grief and loss
5. Family difficulties

6. Diversity and cultural differences
7. LGBTQ concerns
8. Relationship issues
9. Lack of motivation
10. Mental health support/referral

Personal Counseling

When struggling with life changes, a Delta College counselor will provide support by listening objectively and helping you figure things out. If there are situations that require support from other community or campus resources, a counselor will discuss these options with you and make an appropriate referral. Appointments for non-crisis personal counseling can be made in person at the Counseling Center, DeRicco 2nd floor, room 234 or by calling (209) 954-5151 ext. 6276  or (209) 954-5151 ext. 6279 (Note: Personal counseling appointments cannot be made through our online appointment system).

Crisis Support

Experiencing a personal crisis can be frightening, especially if you don’t know where or to whom to turn. For non-life threatening crisis situations, you can immediately call our office at (209) 954-5151 ext. 6276  or (209) 954-5151 ext. 6279 or come directly to the Counseling Center and you will find immediate assistance by one of our staff.

Confidential Counseling Referral Form

Faculty and staff are encouraged to refer students in need of counseling services with the Confidential Counseling Referral Form. We strongly recommend that you speak to the student first regarding your concern, and then inform him/her of the referral to Counseling Services. Campus Police should be notified immediately at 209.954.5000 or 911 from any campus phone for any crisis that is life- threatening, or if there is a risk of harm to those involved.