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Want to join Associated Students? You can run for office during a general or special election. You can also apply to be appointed to the ASDC for a vacant position that was not filled during an election. If you are interested in joining the ASDC must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and be enrolled in a minimum of five-semester units throughout your term of office. Applicants must also be available to attend weekly meetings.

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FAQs Regarding the ASDC


What exactly does the ASDC do?

The ASDC is the official voice of the student body. Students serving on the board are responsible for providing student input on everything from changes to district policies and procedures to changes to the course schedule. The ASDC is also responsible for managing a budget of more than $300,000, planning campus events and activities, and supporting clubs/organizations.

What are the responsibilities of the board?

There are a total of eleven positions on the ASDC board. Each position has its own specific responsibilities. In general, all officers are responsible for: attending weekly meetings and trainings, completing office hours (four hours per week), serving on an ASDC standing committee, and volunteering for ASDC activities like college hour, mustang nights, and other special events. Officers are also responsible for participating in leadership trainings and retreat activities.

I'm taking 12 units this semester, how much time would I have to commit to the ASDC?

As an officer, you will spend a minimum of 5 hours a week on ASDC activities. Depending on the number of committees you're assigned to and if there is an ASDC activity in a particular week, the amount of time you could spend on ASDC activities could increase to 10-15 hours a week.

Are there any GPA requirements to join the ASDC?

All students interested in joining the ASDC must be enrolled in a minimum of five (5) units, have a 2.0 GPA and be in good standing (i.e., not on academic or progress probation or disciplinary probation).

There are so many positions available, which one should I apply for?

Deciding which position is right for you depends on your interests, skills, strengths, and career goals. To find out more about the different positions you can contact the Student Activities office for more information.