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About Online Classes

Interested In Online courses? - Here’s What You Need to Know!

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How do I register for an Online course?

Enroll using the Online Registration during the registration period ( Once registration closes, if you are not registered, you need e-mail the instructor of the class requesting permission to enroll. Provide your name, Delta College I.D. number, course code, and your request to be added. Your enrollment will be granted based on space availability and meeting the course prerequisites.

If I’m on the waiting list, how do I enroll in the class?

Students on the waiting list for Online courses should e-mail the instructor to request enrollment in the course. Include your name, Delta College I.D. number, course code, and confirm that you would like to be moved from the wait list to full enrollment. You’ll be moved from the wait list to full enrollment on a space available basis. E-mails missing the required information cannot be processed

How do I add if the class and the wait list are full?

Students who are not on the waiting list but are interested in adding an Online course should e-mail the instructor to request permission to add. Include your name, Delta College I.D. number, and course code. E-mails without the required information cannot be processed.

How do I find an instructor’s e-mail address?

Instructor e-mail addresses are on the College website, in the online registration open class list option. You can also contact the College operator at 954-5151.

Should I do anything before class(es) start?

Yes! Check the “Online Classes” information to:
  • Review the Technical Requirements for Online courses
  • Carefully review Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Get class materials including the textbook in preparation for your first login
  • Identify the platform on which your class is taught
*Often times the course outline and specific log in instructions are included with the textbook.

How do I identify the platform on which my class is taught?

Internet classes are taught from several different platforms. To identify the platform for your Internet class, you must log into the 'Online Class List Login site' available under the 'Online Courses' tab in your portal. Sign on with your Delta College I.D. number and date of birth entered as mmddyy. Each Internet class in which you are enrolled shows the “platform” on which it is taught.

Courses taught on Etudes can be accessed by clicking on the course code. Login instructions for courses taught on “other” platforms are provided directly from the instructor. Please note that textbooks for classes taught on “other” platforms must be purchased prior to attempting login because the class materials contain codes required for login.

After registering, how do I know when to log in to my class?

The actual course material will not be available until the first day of class. Please check your course's start date in the Schedule of Classes.

What is my login?

Classes taught on the Etudes platform are accessed by using your Delta College I.D. number as the login. The password is the date of birth entered as mmddyy unless a PIN has been created. If you have created a PIN through online registration, the PIN is your password. Do not confuse your student e-mail login information with online class login. They serve two separate functions. Classes taught on “other” platforms are accessed by using codes provided in the course textbook and from the instructor.

To find out what your Delta ID number is:

  1. Log on to the registration system as you normally would. You will see that you have the option of using your Delta ID number or your social security number. Use your social security number for the first log in.
  2. Enter your password beneath the SSN block. Note that the password is the same for both types of log ins (Delta ID or SSN).
  3. Once you have logged on, you will see the normal greeting with your name. Just below this, you will find your Delta ID number.

Please remember your Delta ID number and use it to access your records in the future.

To logon to the system and find out your Delta ID number, click here now.

What do I do if I’m having trouble logging on?

Assistance with login problems is provided in several ways. You must first identify the platform upon which your class is taught. Once you identify it, then, click on the related link below:

ETUDES Platform

You may request help from the Etudes Online Helpdesk for technical problems. Questions concerning class assignments, due dates, etc. should be directed to the instructor. Contact information is available from the “Online Classes” link from the college homepage. Follow this link to the help desk website: or phone (209) 954-5840.

Publisher Platform(s)

You must first purchase the textbook. Part of your login information is contained in the class materials. Without that information, you will not be able to login. You must check your student e-mail. Your instructor will provide login information at your student e-mail address. Once you have read the instructor’s e-mail and purchased the textbook, if you are still having problems logging in, you must contact your instructor via e-mail.

Do I have to login on the first day of class?

It is highly recommended that you login on the first day of class.

Will my Internet instructor contact me?

Some Internet instructors contact their students via e-mail. Some do not. If you have not heard from your instructor by the first week of class, you should login and begin working. If you are having any problems, contact your instructor by e-mail for assistance.


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