Waiting List Rosters FAQs

What happens if more students want to add than I have room in class?

Instructors have different ways of determining what students are allowed to add the class. Some do a lottery, and some do a first-come, first-serve method. Some are able to move to a larger classroom by working with their Division Dean.

Whatever your method, simply record the names of the students you have selected to add to class. Then when that student's name appears on your Wait List Roster, click ADD and the student is enrolled. Simply DROP any students who appear on the Wait List Roster that you have not approved for add.

How does a student know that my class is still open to register?

Your class information shows in the Schedule of Classes that is outside of online registration. It shows the current status of the section. If it is full, it will say "section is full." If not, then no notation appears, and students will know that it is still available for potential add-in registration. Once you CLOSE your class, it will show as "section is full."

Can I still use Instructor Add Memorandum forms?

Yes. It is up to you whether you want to use the Wait List paperless registration process, or use an Instructor Add Memorandum form to add students, or a combination of wait list and Instructor Add Memorandum forms.

What are the advantages of the Wait List registration process?

There are several advantages to Wait List Registration.

  1. Students are added immediately when you click the ADD button. There is no turn-around time involved.
  2. Students who do not meet your course prerequisites, have time conflicts, have holds, or do not have an active application on file cannot add to your wait list. That means that you won't have any "edits" to deal with as when an Instructor Add Memorandum gets rejected. You simply tell the students, "If you get on my Wait List, I can register you in the class. If not, CALL THE REGISTRATION OPERATOR." If there is a reason the student cannot be added to your class, we will inform the student and the student will not appear on your Wait List.

What if a student says he or she is having a problem getting on the Wait List Roster?

Be sure to remind students that assistance is provided by the Registration Operators for students having problems with registration. In some cases, students will not be allowed to register for your class, (e.g. do not meet prerequisites, have holds, etc.). But, if the student qualifies for the class and is having a problem, the Registration Operator can help.

How long is my Wait List Roster open?

Wait List Rosters are open until the last business day (FRIDAY) before census when it will close automatically, OR you can also CLOSE your Wait List Roster when your class fills by clicking the CLOSE button.

If I am having problems with my Wait List Roster, who do I call?

Karen Sea
Phone: 954-5151 ext. 6127
Email: ksea@deltacollege.edu

What if I get an "edit" when I click the ADD button?

Some students will incur holds after they have been allowed to get on your wait list. This occurs because of early registration, non-payment of fees, or other administrative holds. If you get an "edit," please do the following:

  1. Print the edit.
  2. Provide the edit to the student.
  3. Drop the student from your Wait List.
  4. When the "edit" is cleared, the student may be added by getting back on your Wait List or by submitting an Instructor Add Memorandum.

Please note: Students who are not officially enrolled in class may not continue attendance. Please exit them from your classroom after allowing a very minimum time to clear an edit and re-add.

Warning: DO NOT allow students who are not officially enrolled in your class to continue to attend. All students must be successfully added to class no later than the last business day before the census date.

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