Waiting List Roster

Wait Lists are maintained for all full classes. The instructor admits additional students to class based upon their position, at the close of registration, on the Wait List. Students cannot be placed on multiple Wait Lists for the same course. Students on Wait Lists should attend the first three class meetings.

Adding Wait Listed Students

Initially, at the close of Registration, you are required to ADD STUDENTS FROM THE WAIT LIST IN THE ORDER THAT THEY APPEAR. Once you have cleared your initial list of students, additional students may add to the Wait List by following these procedures:

A student who meets your course prerequisite and is cleared for registration (no holds) may add to your Wait List rather than filling out an Instructor Add Memorandum once classes begin.

  1. On the first day of class, call the roll and determine which students on your Wait List are present in the classroom. (Please remember that Wait Listed students must be present in the class to be added).
  2. If you have limited room in your class, and, as a result, must turn away some students, it is recommended that you record the names of students who want to add but are not currently on your Wait List and provide them with your five digit course code. If you are able to "take all comers" then simply provide the course code to all potential students and advise them to add to your Wait List after class.
  3. After class, access your Wait List Roster to add the wait listed students who were present and drop the wait listed students who were not present. This "clears" your Wait List, and allows other students to access it.
  4. Allow a reasonable amount of time for students to get on your Wait List (several hours, half a day, or whatever you consider to be a reasonable period of time).
  5. Access your Wait List later that day or before the next class session and add the students whose names you are approving for "add" if you have limited seats, or wait until the next class session to call the roll and add those Wait List students who are in attendance that day.
  6. Repeat this process until your class has filled to capacity or until the Due Date for your Wait List is reached.
  7. When your class is filled, simply drop any students from the Wait List who are not being added to the class and click the "Close" button.

Helpful Hints

  1. A student may be allowed to add to a Wait List and then incur a hold. When you attempt to add the student from the Wait List, you get an edit indicating that the student cannot be added and the reason why. Please PRINT THE EDIT, drop the student from the Wait List and provide the EDIT to the student at the next class meeting. Give the student a deadline to clear the hold. Please ask the student to provide PROOF that the hold has been cleared and get back on the Wait List.
  2. A student who was registered (not on the Wait List, but fully enrolled) who is dropped as a "No Show" by you from the Drop Roster, cannot get back on the Wait List without assistance from the Registration Operator. If you are allowing the student back in class after being dropped, please refer the student to the Registration Operator at 476-7901 or complete an Instructor Add Memorandum Form. These forms are available in the Mail Room or in the Admissions & Records Office.
  3. A student who has received substandard grades (D, F, or No Credit) or excessive "W's" in the class will not be allowed to get on the Wait List. Per college policy and procedures, the student must be added AFTER all other credit seeking students. The student must provide a copy of the approved petition to the instructor at the time he/she requests enrollment.
  4. The instructor must fill out an Instructor Add Memorandum Form and send it along with a copy of the petition to the Admissions and Records Office for process. You will help us speed up our processing time by giving us the petition copy.

Closing Your Wait List

Your Wait List Roster will remain open until the last business day (FRIDAY) before Census or until YOU CLOSE it. To close your Wait List, clear the list by either adding or dropping the remaining students. When the list is cleared, the "CLOSE" button will appear.

Simply click the "CLOSE" button and your Wait List will close. If you close your wait list in error and wish to have it re-opened, please e-mail Terry Ogata at togata@deltacollege.edu for assistance.

Wait List Rosters