System 2020 Lite

System 2020 Lite provides a real time add/drop record of class enrollment in addition to historical data including the date a student was added and the date a student was dropped.

Data Provided

In addition to providing real-time enrollment data, System 2020 Lite also provides the following:

  • Individual student e-mail address
  • Section data including section start and end dates, census date, refund date, last date to drop without a "W," and last date to drop with a "W"
  • Enrollment data including maximum allowed enrollment, current enrollment, wait list enrollment and concurrent enrollment for linked sections
  • Student data including:
    • Student Profile - address, phone, goals, assessment levels, probation status, college program activity status, and education plan status
    • Current Class Schedule
    • Academic History

System 2020 Lite also provides the ability to export class lists to Micrograde and Micrograde with E-mail for grade recording.

Enrollment Information

Under no circumstances should a student be allowed to attend class if he/she is not properly enrolled. Therefore, before allowing a student to attend the next class session, the student must complete the registration process.

It is the instructor's responsibility to ensure that all students attending class are officially enrolled. Questions concerning a student's enrollment status should be directed to the Admissions & Records Office.

Although instructors are provided the results from submission of Instructor Add Memoranda separately, successfully added students are reflected immediately on the class list.

S2020 lite