Positive Attendance Roster

The Office of Instruction determines those classes for which positive attendance (actul count of hours attended by each student) must be reported for state apportionment. Instructors MUST keep attendance records for all students until this information is provided on a Positive Attendance Roster.

Positive Attendance Roster Class List

Review the Positive Attendance Roster carefully and verify that it accurately reflects all students who are actively attending the class. Please note that students may not be added on or after 30% of the course has passed (census date). To be eligible for apportionment, students must be enrolled in the class at least one college day before the 30% deadline.

Once the students who are not attending have been dropped and all currently attending students are reflected on the Positive Attendance Roster, complete the roster and submit it by the deadline date. Please note that students whose drop date is during the month for which hours are being reported will still be reflected on the monthly Positive Attendance Roster.

Reporting Period Hours

Key the hours you are reporting per student for the reporting period shown. If the hours are "none", please key in 0 (zero). Do NOT hit the "return" key to move to the next student. Use the "tab" key.

Total Hours Reported To Date

This column indicates the cumulative hours reported prior to submission of this report. If there is a discrepancy in the "Total Hours Reported to Date" column and the actual attendance hours of the student, please contact Karen Sea (see Assistance). When completed, use the "Submit" button to send the attendance information electronically to the system.

If you encounter any "edit" text or technical problems, please print the page to record the information.

Positive Attendance Roster