Learning Assistance Request

Learning Assistance Request Faculty Guide

Faculty approval will be required for students to receive tutoring at one of the College's five major learning centers, including the following:

  • Math Science Learning Center
  • Reading Writing Learning Center
  • Goleman Tutoring Center
  • "The Zone" Student Athlete Learning Center
  • ESL Lab

Students will also be required to complete an electronic request form to receive tutoring. The goals of these changes are to improve learning assistance reporting (per Title 5 regulations), streamline student intake across the different centers, and allow instructors and counselors to be more involved in the learning assistance process.

Student Learning Assistance Requests

In order to receive tutoring at a Delta College learning center, students must complete Learning Assistance Request Form and specify each course they need help with. Instructor or counselor approval is also required. Students will be able to access the Learning Assistance Request Form via the learning centers web site and can complete the form from any computer connected to the Internet by logging in with their student ID and PIN.

Faculty Learning Assistance Request Rosters

Each day a student submits a Learning Assistance Request Form, the instructor will receive an email summarizing any requests for tutoring (listed by course) on the given day.

To approve or deny students' requests for tutoring:

  1. Access the Learning Assistance Request Roster (see link below).
  2. Login using your User ID and Password.
  3. Select the term and Section ID for which you would like to respond to tutoring requests.
  4. Select "Yes" or "No" to approve or deny your students' tutoring requests individually or approve all students enrolled in the section by clicking Select All.
  5. Click Submit.

Each currently enrolled student will appear on the section roster, along with his/her Learning Assistance Request status (Not requested, Requested). Note: Students need not submit a Learning Assistance Request Form to be approved for tutoring by their instructors. Learning Assistance Request Rosters will be available to instructors on the first day of the semester and may be submitted and updated at any time during the semester.

If an instructor does not approve a student's request, the student must obtain approval from one of the College's counselors or the Learning Centers Coordinator via the Counselor Override system. Once approved, students will be eligible to receive tutoring at the learning centers.

Training and Technical Assistance

Learning centers staff are available to assist students, faculty, and staff with the new Learning Assistance Request process throughout the semester. For more information on the learning assistance request process, please contact Nina O'Connell, Learning Centers Coordinator, at x5256 or noconnell@deltacollege.edu.

Learning Assistance Request Roster